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    how do I build a stacked bar chart

      I can build a stacked bar chart - but it always displays the wrong data - so I am missing something.

      I have:

      Choices - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (dimensions)

      FirstChoice - 1,1,1,2,5 (Measure)

      SecondChoice - 1,2,2,4,3 (Measure)


      I want the stacked bars to show how a count of how many times each number is chosen as first and second choice.

      First and second choices should be stacked on top of each other for a given choice value.


      I have defined the measures as:

      Count(FirstChoice) and Count(SecondChoice)


      What happens is that the chart shows 9 bars (labelled 1-9) - with the two stacked blocks having a value of 3 in the first bar. ie 3 + 3 for choice value '1'.

      This is wrong.

      It should be 3 + 1 for dimension value 1.

      It seems that every bar is showing the same value from FirstChoice - twice.

      What am I missing?