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    Can't run QlikSenseTask.exe

      Hi All.

      Here is my situation:

      When i run my bat file to run the qliksensetask.exe in a server it is able to run successfully.

      However when i run the batch job from outside the server, it will give me an error of this:


      Error,"System.Exception: Bad Request: Cannot find a task with the following name: TaskName

         at QlikSenseJSONObjects.QlikSenseJSONHelper.StartTaskByName(String taskname, Boolean synchronous)

         at QlikSenseTask.Program.Main(String[] args)"

      2016_08_25_02_46_16,Information,"Returning Errorlevel 8"



      The input I put in was this:

      qliksensetask.exe -task:"TaskName" -proxy:http://localhost -wait:600



      Thanks in advance!