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    Flag if file still exists?

    Adam Davies

      Hi All,


      Is there a flag in the governance dashboard to say if a file still exists?

      I'm adding some code to bring in our CAL data and want to add a section for ghosted CALs i.e. those attached to qvws which no longer exist.


      I think it would be pretty easy to tag this on the end in a user script but just didn't want to re-invent the wheel if it is actually in there somewhere and I am missing it!

        • Re: Flag if file still exists?
          Adam Davies

          If anyone is interested I just used this


          LOAD FileName as FileNameCheck
          RESIDENT FileList;
          LET CKNumRows=NoOfRows('FileListCheckPreloader');
          FOR p=1 to $(CKNumRows)
            LET vFileChecker=Peek('FileNameCheck',$(p),'FileListCheckPreloader'); 
            Let baseFileSizeCheck = IF(LEN(FileSize('$(vFileChecker)'))<1,0,1);
            TRACE Checking: $(vFileChecker);
            '$(vFileChecker)' as FileName,
            $(baseFileSizeCheck)  as FileExistsFlag
            AUTOGENERATE 1;
          NEXT p;