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    Count Distinct with condition in Text Object?

      Hi everyone,


      I am still quite new to QlikView and could need some help.


      I would like to track certain changes made in SAP with QlikView.

      The overall tracking is not a problem: I simply use a text object and =Count(Distinct (Änderungsbelegnr)). By counting the individual IDs that are created when a change is made, I now know how many changes were made in total.


      Now, I would like to distinguish between changes concerning general data and bank data.The Information needed is stored in a different field ("SAP Tabelle"). See screenshot below.

      In the second screenshot I marked two of the required values to display changes made in bank details.

      I already thought of an if-statements, maybe in combination with a match-Statement, but I cannot make it work.


      So what I need in the end is a table box that looks like the following (but displays the corresponding values):


      The remaining values in the field "SAP Tabelle" will be needed to create the general data figure.


      I hope I explained my problem well enough. Any suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.