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    QlikSense with SAP BW Connectors

    Bastian Kohl

      Hello friends,

      i use to develope with qlikview and i am new to qliksense. now i have to install and configurate the qlik sap connector with qliksense.

      how can i use the sap bw connectors with sense? i can only find the sap-sql-connector in my qliksense desktop client. i can t find the sap-bw-extractor-connector, sap-bw-olap-connector and all the other bw-connectors. is there no visual integration for that connectors?


      is the only posibility to make the configuration of the sap-extractor-connector for the extractor of an infocube in qlikview and copy the code to qliksense?



      thanks in advance

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Bastian,


          Thanks for your question. We do not have the corresponding GUI for those connectors just yet, they are on the roadmap.


          What I am told is that if you have the SAP/BW for QlikView - installed on the Qlik Sense system, you can put the Qlik Sense system in to legacy mode Disabling standard mode ‒ Qlik Sense


          This will allow you to use the script to connect to SAP/BW - as if you were using QlikView. I described it here in this video:


          Qlik SAP SQL Connector


          Video Index: New to Qlik Sense Videos


          Let me know how you do.


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          Mike Tarallo


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              Rob Moore

              Hi Community, locating settings file was easy but the once opened in notepad I don't have any options to change StandardReload=1 to StandardReload=0. This is all I get, any ideas please? I downloaded QlikSAP x64Setup.exe last week but find no evidence of it on my machine any longer either?

              TIA, Emma Mercer (using project logon for Data Analytics Evaluation)