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    Sluggish Qlik Sense Server Performance

    Andrew Quirin

      Hi All,


      I'm experiencing the strangest behavior on our Qlik Sense 2.2.4 environment. We're a single-node environment with a single dashboard in production. The latest version of the dashboard has been live and stable since 8/12, with speedy performance, and refreshing four times a day. Yesterday, something changed, which has caused the entire environment to come to a crawl - selections which used to take 1-3 seconds, now are taking minutes and often erroring out entirely. The responsiveness is so slow, end users are unable / willing to use the dashboard.


      Here is what I've tried to troubleshoot:

      -Restarting the Qlik Services

      -Rebooting the Qlik Server

      -Creating a smaller version of the dash (reduced from 400MB to 100MB) - still responds just as slow

      -Stopped all refreshes - no dashes refreshing in the background

      -Optimized slow loading front end calculations - slightly faster, but no where near where it was


      I left the environment after giving a demo which worked perfectly fine and came in the following morning to the entire platform being incredibly slow. Has anyone experienced something similar? There haven't been any pushes to production, changes to the file, increase in users, or other programs running in the background that are taking up server resources. I'm stumped!

      What are your thoughts or troubleshooting ideas?