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    Weekday value inconsistent between desktop and QV Server

    Dan Swanda

      Hi Community,


      Running into an annoyance with the Weekday() function that I'm hoping someone can help solve.  When I execute WeekDay('8/1/2016') on my PC, the resulting numeric value is 1.  However, when I run the same command on the QV server, the numeric result is 0.  The text value is "Mon" for both PC and Server.  But for some reason, the numeric values differ...


      Here is the script I'm executing on PC and QlikView server:




        '8/1/2016'                                  AS Date_

        , NUM(WeekDay('8/1/2016'))      AS WeekDayNum_

        , WeekDay('8/1/2016')                AS WeekDay_



      Is there a setting that I'm overlooking that controls the default numeric value returned by WeekDay()?