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    JIRA connector?

    Youness Ghanim

      Hi community,


      I am wondering if it is possible to make Qlik Sense connect to JIRA, QvSource 1.6 is not available any more otherwise I heard it makes building the connection string easy.


      When I use the JQL based URL, my connection in QlikView keeps running for ever and I never manage to load anything even if I set max records to 1!


      When I try it directly in my browser (given I was already logged in and using a new tab) I get back a mega JSON file in Chrome, then I save it locally, but then both QlikView and QlikSense don't know how to parse it!?


      Any ideas on this topic and how to solve the authentication issue in case the connection is established from Qlik Sence?


      Many thanks you


      // Youness