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    How to publish the output?

      Dear friends

      I have downloaded and have setup some basic analytics and some charts. My question is how is the analytics published. For example I want to setup the analytics, put all the pieces in place and I want management to simple use it to analyse. Is there a way to publish the analytics on the web using the personal edition.

      In general how is the data published out to management for them to consume the analytics. For example in Cognos we would build the framework manager, setup the rules, presentation layer and then publish it to a webserver and the consumers will simple go via an URL to consume the analytics.

      How does that happen in the qlikview.






        • How to publish the output?
          Rob Wunderlich

          The publication and sharing happens using the Qlikview Server component. Publication and sharing is not possible using the Personal edition. The Server component is a licensed product. There are several different licenses available to suit different implementations. Contact a QT account rep for more details.


            • How to publish the output?

              One minor modification to Rob's excellent reply, would be that it's still possible publish a qvw file on a QlikView Server, even if the file itself is created on QlikView Personal Edition. Your collegues may also use Personal Edition (or any other QlikView client) to connect to the QlikView Server and view your published qlikview files.