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    How to manually group columns in Qlik Sense pivot table

    Ravi Krishna Reddy Chinta



      Is there any way to group two columns into a one group and another two columns into another group in Qlik Sense Pivot table?


      For better understanding of my requirement, please read below description:

      1) I am creating a Pivot table that has [Regions] dimension in Rows and four measures namely sum[Sales], sum([Sales Quantity]), sum([Buy Price]), sum([Buy Quantiity]) in Columns. Now the default output that I am getting is as shown in the below image.

      Actual Output.JPG


      2) Now, my requirement is to display sum([Sales]), sum([Sales Quantity]) as "Sales Group" and sum([Buy Price]), sum([Buy Quantity]) as "Buy Group" as shown in the below image.

      Expected Output.PNG


      Could someone please help me how to achieve this? I have also attached a sample database file for your convenience.


      Thanks in advance,