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    RAM and how reduce the size of qvw

    Demetrio Cugliari

      Hi All,


      i have an app with 3 pivot table and 3 inputfield (what if analysis)


      The size it's 600 mega, but when i open the file (on server), uses 15 giga of RAM (of 32 on server). Too when i only save the file.


      First pivot table has 70 k id distinct and 180 column (1 for every day)

      Second pivot it's for weekly, then only 15 column.

      Third pivot it's with 365 column


      If delete 3 inputfield the size reduce at 120 mega and uses 2 giga of RAM.


      This .qvw It's called from another .qvw passing parameters including the id. that reduce a pivot in a record.

      More time when i try to open the qvw on access point i receive session timeout error and i have seen that the giga arrive at 28 (of 32).


      Then the problem It seems to be the inputfield.


      There is somethings that i can do?



      I already used analyzer to delete field not used