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    Qlikview Rollback/Audit/Authorisation details request.

    sahana nadig

      hi All,

      Can I request the below information for Qlikview. I want to understand the tool specifications/constraints on these points to design it accordingly for ur project.

      1) Roll back tracking - In case any application in qlikview has been failed to load ,then we need to roll back the data to the previously loaded datetime. How do we track this in qlikview? can we have a log for this?


      2)Audit tracking - Is there a way in qlikview where we can see all the actions performed by the user which can be stored in a table? actions may include updating the objects in application, just viewing the applications etc..


      3) Authentication and Authorisation details.


      Is there a document where I can get the details for the above points as well as some information on the ADMIN ?if yes please share the links.