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    Define a variable as a filter

      Hi !


      I have inputs/outputs table which I want to analyze.

      Those inputs/outputs are distributed in Unities:



      Unity | [Nb of inputs] | Source

      U1     | 3                   | Outside

      U1     | 4                   | Other Unity

      U2     | 2                   | Outside

      U2     | 5                   | Other Unity


      As you can see it, an input can come from another Unity.


      The problem is, when I analyze my inputs with the vision of all unities, I don't want the inputs from others unity to be considered.


      I could use expressions like

      IF(count(Unity)=count(TOTAL Unity),

      Sum({<Source={'Outside'}>}[Nb of inputs]),

      Sum([Nb of inputs]))

      but I would have to put it in all the expressions of all my graphs, and the code would become hard to understand...


      My question is: is there a way to define a variable that, when count(Unity)=count(TOTAL Unity) applies a filter on the Source ?


      Thank you