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    Trying to aggregate data to find the x% of total sales

      Hi there,

      Background: The company I work for have just purchased Qlikview and we are now attempting to write our first apps, we've had some developer and layout training but now the real work begins

      Issue: The sales department want to categorise the products they sell into three categories. Cat 1 are the items that make up the top 50% of the revenue generated over the past 10 working days, Cat 2 are the next 30% and Cat 3 the last 20% . The issue I have is that I cannot work out how to get Qlikview to categorise the items (it needs to be dynamic as the user wants to be able to have the facility to pick a vendor or range of vendors and the categorisation will then change to fit the sales for those items), I've discovered the FIRSTWORKDATE function which enables me to find the correct date to base the start of my sales from (not including bank holidays but I guess I could add them manually as 'holiday dates')

      If I was in Excel I could sort the data descending in value for total sales over the ten day period and then have a rolling total as the data decreased in value which I could use with an IF statement to flag the items into their relevant category. I've attached an image of what I'm trying to describe if it helps.

      Can anyone help me please?

      Thank you for your time


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