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    How to calculate year-on-year growth

    Thomas Park


      I have a sample dataset like this:



      1/01/2014Region AProduct A100
      20/02/2014Region AProduct B150
      11/04/2014Region AProduct A102
      31/05/2014Region AProduct B153
      20/07/2014Region BProduct A105
      8/09/2014Region BProduct B150
      28/10/2014Region BProduct A115
      17/12/2014Region BProduct B173
      5/02/2015Region AProduct A117
      27/03/2015Region AProduct B176
      16/05/2015Region AProduct A121
      5/07/2015Region BProduct B173
      24/08/2015Region BProduct A132
      13/10/2015Region AProduct B199
      2/12/2015Region AProduct A135
      21/01/2016Region AProduct B202
      11/03/2016Region BProduct A139
      30/04/2016Region BProduct B199
      19/06/2016Region AProduct A





      In a table or graph, I like to calculate Year-on-Year growth like this:   

      MonthRegionProductThis year SalesLast year SalesGrowth


      Is there a way to calculate 'Last year Sales' from the dataset, e.g. using set analysis?

      I googled a lot but could not find an answer.  If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.


      Kind regards