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    How to add Spark ODBC Driver to Qlik View QMC

      Hi, I have a Spark ODBC Driver that I have set up and can use fine with Qlik Sense. I'd also like to publish to Qlik View. I can import my app I built in Qlik Sense to the QMC, and it looks successful. I can even see the data connection created that properly references my local DSN.


      But the Data Manager in Qlik View errors our when trying to load the data for my app. It references and error in the import script which is completely autogenerated.


      So it seems logical that the new Odbc Driver needed for my new DSN is not actually loaded on the server.


      Also if I try to add new ODBC connection from Qlik View, of course, the Spark Odbc driver is not an option.



      1. How do I successfully import a Qlik Sense App with a NEW, never before used, ODBC DRIVER (not just new ODBC connection against an existing driver)
      2. How do I add a NEW ODBC DRIVER to Qlik View/QMC?