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    Data Protection

    Christopher Ellis

      Could some one advise please ?


      Does anyone know if a data processing agreement exists for QlikSense Cloud.


      I appreciate that all security measures will be in place but I am having trouble finding any document that makes it clear on where the data in the Qliksense Cloud is stored to comply with the UK Data Protection Act.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks



        • Re: Data Protection
          Sarah Kohler

          Hi Chris,


          What is currently implemented for Qlik Sense Cloud Basic subscriptions (free accounts) is that all data is persisted in our US East Data Center region.  This is rapidly evolving.  Starting with our Qlik Sense Cloud Business subscription level, users will be able to choose the region in which their data is persisted at rest.  We will eventually also offer this option for free accounts as well.


          Sarah Kohler

          Qlik Cloud product manager