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    Qlik Engine API and qSocks: Connection to Server

    Gregory Longé

      Dear all,


      I am working on an extension to support multiple languages in Qlik Sense using the Engine API. The extension works fine in Qlik Sense Desktop, but I am experiencing difficulties in migrating this solution on our Qlik Sense server. I cannot establish connection to the engine API on the server. Currently I am using this config:


      var config = {

             host: 'x.x.com/sense',

             isSecure: true,

             origin: 'https://x.x.com',

             appname: '8b43f5f5-f5fd-4d5c-a9cd-5d4d47726fb4',

             // cert: fs.readFile('/client.pem'),

             // key: fs.readFileSync('/client_key.pem')


      qsocks.Connect(config).then(function(global) { ... }


      With this configuration, I get the message: "WebSocket opening handshake was canceled". I suppose the cert and key field are required, but how to include the fs module from node.js in a Qlik Sense extension? Using browserify and create a fs.bundle like done for qsocks.bundle?


      In the end, I want the extension to behave as in Qlik Sense Desktop: each user can select his/her language and the objects are translated in his/her session.


      Thanks in advance,