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    Filtering values




      Hello , very basic question

      hats the easist way to filter a value constantly within a chart object .

      Essentuially I have two columns and I want to return all vallues in column B where column A= a txt value . I though doing this in an expression would be the easiest way as I want the filter to be permanent wiithin that object


      Thanks in advance

        • Filtering values
          Michael Jordan

          You can use if like = If(A=a,ValueToShow) like that.


          If u wish to give user a control to search for values then U can make it by

          Chart Properties -> Presentation Select field to search for & select Dropdown select

          & dropdown will appear near the dimension & user can search for the value by clicking on dropdown & typing the value to search for.



          • Filtering values
            John Trigg


            when you say that columnA= a text value, you could also simply use a list box to hold all the values in ColumnA and let the user select and search (and see excluded values etc). This uses the basic tenets of the QlikView association and selection model. If there is no calculation to do might be an easier set up and then just have column A as the dimension in your chart and sum(ColumnB) [or appropriate operation] to give the value.


            John T