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    Nprinting Installation error

    Guruprem Saginadham

      Hello experts,

      I am trying to install Nprinting 17.1.2 faced error. Attached is log, could you help.


      After the error installation rolled back and now machine is clean.

        • Re: Nprinting Installation error
          Stephen Jasionowski

          Usually when an installation fails repeatedly it’s the rollback of one of the MSI packages that is not completely removing services or components from the system.


          Here’s a short checklist for uninstalling completely before trying a new installation.

          In case of failure please remind that

          • Detailed installation logs are stored at %APPDATA%\..\Local\Temp
          • Event Viewer will show detailed failures under Windows Logs -> Application


          Here’s what to do:


          • Uninstall previous version, rabbitMQ server, erlang  from programs and features
          • Check that no NPrinting processes are running

          If       If RabbitMQ or QlikNPrintingRepositoryService are running, delete them opening an administrator command prompt and typing “sc delete [servicename]”. Be sure to close the Services graphic interface before that.

          • Check that \Program Files\NPrintingServer and \ProgramData\NPrinting are empty or absent
          • Check that \Program Files(x86)\RabbitMQ Server is empty or absent
          • Check that \Program Files\erlXXX is empty or absent (erl7.0 or erl 7.2.1 are the ones that you could find at this time)


          If any of the latest two are still full, try deleting the content. If it says that it’s locked by a process, search for epmd.exe in task manager and kill it. If it does not show up in the task manager, open windows Resource Monitor and search for processes that are keeping the files busy. Searching for RabbitMQ usually finds the files. epmd.exe should show as a zombie process written in gray. Kill it from resource monitor.


          • Delete the %APPDATA%\RabbitMQ directory. This is not done by RabbitMQ uninstall (see warn in the latest uninstall screen) and can be left in case you’re performing upgrades, but for a clean install go and delete it.
          • Open regedit and check that HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ericsson\Erlang\ErlSrv\1.1 does not contain any subkeys. If a RabbitMQ subkey exists, delete it.


          Check that \Windows\Installer does not contain any NPrinting related .exe or .msi files.

          You can also delete %APPDATA%\..\Local\Temp Qlik.Nprinting log files left behind by previous installations.

          If this fails, please open a support case from the Qlik customer or partner portal.