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    Creating a Formatted Pivot table using QlikView Objects


      Hi All,


      I have a question, And would love to have any sort of inputs. I already have done a throughout search in the community and could not find  any related post and want a way to sort this out.


      I have a requirement, where I need to convert a QV object and convert into a formatted Pivot table which can be shared through N-printing. Using Macros the formatting would not be possible, thus the idea of N-printing was bought into picture


      I have attached the Excel document which helps you understand it much better.(Sheet : Expected holds the data I need to bring up, Qlikview Object data is the data from a pivot table in Qlikview)


      Problems I faced:

      While using the  QV object, I did not have any flexibility of Row level or column level access so the editing was quite difficult.

      If I broke down each of the table column (I put them into a table object so that they are accessible through N-printing, which led to a the columns to be independent of each other. which is again a problem to adjust)

      And also the data is arranged in a hierarchical format. so the relationship and dependency is most important.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas of getting out the best output of what data i have, Are there changes I need to make on the QV or the N-printing. Any kind of help would be appreciated.