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    Filter by Dimension Expression

    Salamon Musayev



      I have a chart that list top 10 non compliant nurses for a particular order.


      Dimension:  NurseName --- (which list the names of various nurses).

      Measure:  Count( {<QA_ABC_Nurs_Compliant = {'No'} >}  NurseName ) --- (Filters by Nurses Who are not Compliant)


      I have one issue and wanted to know if anyone can help me with. 


      I have another column called PhysicianOrder (that has orders, a, b, c, d, e)...


      I would like to add another filter to this table and show only nurses that were not compliant that excludes a certain physician order (like order a).



      ( IN SQL what I would like to have would look like this  -  Select NurseName, Where QA_ABC_Nurs_Compliant =  'No' and  PhysicianOrder <> 'a')


      How can I do the above with in the expression in my chart.  Please help.