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    Using the Dimension value as a filter

    Frank Casella



      This one's definitely beyond my ability, so I figured I'd ask for some help.  I'll preface the question with two limitations that I have:

      1. I don't have access to the load script.  The back-end is maintained by another area, and I don't have anyway to change the underlying data structure.
      2. My company's firewall prevents me from sharing any Qlikview files.


      Here's the problem...

      I'm trying to combine data collected over two different time periods into the same pivot table.  The underlying data uses different field names depending on the time period selected (6 months or 12 months). In basic terms, I'd like to compare the product performance for the first six months with the product's performance for the first 12 months based on the fault reason (FAULT6 and FAULT12), the number of faults occurring (FAULT_Count_6, and FAULT_Count_12), and the cost associated with the faults (FAULT_Cost_6 and FAULT_Cost_12).


      FAULT6 and FAULT12 use the same exact possible values, so I'd like to use this as the dimension.  I have a dozen expressions in mind, so it'd be very challenging to write a separate one for each possible FAULT value (8).


      Is there a way to use the dimension value as a filter for another value?

      I was thinking something like Sum({<FAULT6=,FAULT12=GetFieldValue(FAULT6)>}FAULT_Cost_12) where FAULT6 is a dimension, but this obviously isn't working (otherwise I wouldn't be asking )


      Thanks for any help you can provide.

      Best regards,