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    Numeric Based Criteria


      Afternoon all,

      I think I have managed to confuse myself and Qlikview as I cant get what I thought was a relatively easy expression to work.

      I am trying to only show records where there has been at least 1 hang up. Below is an example expression that I got working (thanks to help from here) and a count of the hang ups then some crazy formula i was trying that is probably no where near correct.


      Previous code I have used...


      COUNT({$<JobType={"INB"},WaitTime={">0"}>} Account_Key)







      =COUNT({$<DiallerHangUp={1}>} Account_Key)



      Only show records where a call has been abandoned.



      COUNT({$<DiallerHangUp={1},(COUNT({$<DiallerHangUp={1}>} Account_Key))={">0"}>} Account_Key)

        • Numeric Based Criteria
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          If I'm not wrong, you want now to show all elements in a set that match ">0" (records where a call has been abandoned).

          Then try


          COUNT({$<DiallerHangUp = {">0"}>} Account_Key)

          • Numeric Based Criteria
            John Witherspoon

            What does your data look like? Are all of the fields mentioned on the same table? Do you have one row per call? One row per account with totals of the number of calls and wait time?

              • Numeric Based Criteria

                Hi John,

                I have 1 row of data per call and I am trying to summarise the job data.

                My other experessions are the Job Start Time, Totals calls dialled in the job, the actual number of connects and the abandon amount.

                Start Time =MIN(JobTime)



                Calls Taken =





                Connects =


                COUNT({$<Calls_Worked={1}>} Account_Key)

                Hang Ups =COUNT({$<DiallerHangUp = {">0"}>} Account_Key) (as per Miguels post)


                Using the above formulas i am still seeing job data with 0 hangs. I know why but my attempts to re-write the formulas to something similar to Miguels example have failed.