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    Limit of signs/characters in formulas/measures

    Thorben Ortmann

      Hi there,


      I have to two different complex formulas in two KPI´s, which give me two numbers and I want to substract the second of the first.

      The Aggregation of both KPI´s is Count. Therefore I tried to made this:

      Formula1- Formula2

      But there seems to be a Limitation to the number of signs/characters you can use in one measure/formula.  I think so because, I can not copy and paste the second formula into the Measures of the first formula and both formulas have more than at least 1000 signs/characters (I did not count them all).


      So my question is:

      Is there a Limit of signs/chracters in formulas/measures ? Or what else could be the Problem?


      By the way the first formula uses Set Analysis and the second one if-conditions and I am using Qlik Sense.


      Thanks in advance and best regards