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    Excel time format


      Hi everyone,

      i'm having a problem with some excel format, that i don't know how to treat in Qlickview.

      Excel time format: [ h]:mm:ss. some of the values you can find would be: 3:49:33 || 234:50:22

      I just need to get the hour of this values, (3 and 234), but when i do the export to Qlikview something happends whit the load script that transforms excel time format into a decimal number, like 1,783243.

      Load script for that value: subfield(TIME,':',1) as TIME, <--- Doesn't work. Transforms value into decimal number.

      If i dont do any modification to the time value in the load script, i can display the time just like it appears in Excel (34:55:34), so to get just the hour i have to do write in every place i use the value subfield(TIME,':',1).

      Is there anyway to just get the hour in the load script?


      Than you.