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    Fractile function does not work on Qlikview server 12

    Samith Perera

      I have used following function in a qlikview dashboard which works fine in Qlikview Desktop 12, but when I publish it in the server I can only get a '-' for the fractile value.


      =Fractile(Aggr((Sum(Charge)/Count(DISTINCT TicketNumber)),Resource),0.9)


      Is it some compatibility issue in Qlikview server version 12?


      Data set looks like this.  

      TicketNumber Charge Resource
      125$                    10.00A
      125$                    15.00A
      125$                    20.00A
      130$                    25.00B
      135$                    25.00C
      140$                    45.00A


      I'm trying to get average charge amount per ticket no for each Resource and get 90th percentile of that average (when grouped by Resource)