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    I can't programmatically get selections, please assist

    Bill Gates



      I'm absolutely new in this technologies and I'm trying work with Qlick Sense 3.0 programmatically.


      I created application like on video from youtube:



      And now my purpose is to get/set selections programmatically.


      To do this, I created extension and added it on sheet.


      When sheet is updating, my method executing.


      And my question is:

      What should i do to get selected id or value in browser console?


      What i made:


      I've selected some fields:




      And next, i'm wrote code:


      define( [ "qlik"],
      function ql(qlik) {
        function myFunction(){
        var app = qlik.openApp('Auto.qvf');
        app.getList('CurrentSelections', function(reply){
        return {
        paint: function ($element) {
        return qlik.Promise.resolve();
      } );


      But, in result, I'm always receiving an empty array.




      How to do it right?


      Please Assist.

      Yes, i read topics before create new.