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    Num( Function not working

    Michael King

      Good Morning All,


      I have been using the num function without issue in all my Qlik Charts but for some reason I cannot get it to work in the following:


      'LY - ' & if (GetCurrentSelections(Year)=2016,


      num(Sum({<_YTD_LY={1}>} [Sales total with VAT])

      / Count({<_YTD_LY={1}>} DISTINCT [Sales invoice]), '£#.##'),


      num(Sum({<[Year]={"$(=max([Year]-1))"}>} [Sales total with VAT])

      / Count({<[Year]={"$(=max([Year]-1))"}>} DISTINCT [Sales invoice]), '£#.##'),



      This does not format the number at all. As a result, instead of £15.42 I instead have 15.419583493 (for example). Also, if it helps, this is under the Subtitle field in Qlik Sense.


      I appreciate any assistance you can give me with regards to this issue.


      Thank you in advance.


      Kind regards,