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    How to set multiple conditions criteria within functions Max, Min, Count

      I need to specify multiple conditions within max, min and count functions, for example:


      If I have following Orders table:


      Order     Type     Date   

      0001         A        01/08/2014

      0002         B        19/08/2015

      0003         A         05/05/2016

      0004         A         17/02/2014

      0005         C         01/01/2014

      0006         A         04/07/2013



      Select the order of a certain type which its date is between a date range:


      Min({$<[Type] = {'A'}; Date={'>=Min_Date,<Max_Date'}>} Order)


      For example If my date range is [01/01/2014, 31/12/2017] the result for above table would be 0004


      I want to specifiy the condition within Min function, no using if conditionals. I would like to know how can I indicate multiple conditions within Min, max and count functions.


      But above expression is not working.