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    iOS not connecting to hub

    Ken Rice

      I have recently installed qlik enterprise 3.0 on a virtual server, 2012.  The program is up and running and we have things set up except that users with iphones and ipads are not able to access the hub.  Other mobile devices (android) and desktops using Firefox, IE and Chrome can access the site. 


      I found this link on qlik support, HTTPS IOS Native Client Error Message "Authentication Failure": https://qliksupport.force.com/apex/QS_CaseWizardKnowledgeArticle?id=ka5D0000000PEQKIA4 

      We do not appear to be using IIS.  Please confirm that in order for our users to utilize their iOS devises we will need to:


      1. Install (add the role to my virtual machine) IIS

      2. Re-Install Qlik including all the setup work already completed

      3. Obtain a 3rd Party trusted root certificate


      Before I have to reinstall qlik, are there any other things I might try?

      Thanks, Ken