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    Measuring difference between Max week and previous in a KPI Widget

    Josh Martyne

      Hi All,


      I want to use a KPI widget to show Numbers of Incidents for the Max week, Then add an up down arrow or conditional limit to show how this changed from the week previously.


      I have tried to add a master calendar and from posts ive read I think that I need use use (Max(Date) and (Max(Date)-1) but haven't had any luck.


      Examples of the kind of expressions ive tried are below



      //Count( {$<Year = {$(#varMaxDate)}>} Incident )

      //=Count({<Month={$(=Max(Month)-1)}>} Incident )

      //Count({<Month={$(=Max(Month)-1)}>} Incident)



      //Count({<Month = {$(MONTH =(MAX(Date))}>} Incident

      //Count({<Year = {$(MAX(Year))},Month = {'$(=MONTH(MAX(Date)))'}>}Incident)


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      QVF attached