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    How do you enable removing the script from a distribution copy created via task reload?

    Evan Kurowski

      Hello All,




      I have a document on one of our QlikView Servers (with the LEF indicating a SPECIAL_EDITION; TEST version) that is being distributed via QMC task with the following:


      • D:\Source   <~ source document
      • D:\Publish  <~ distribution destination

      This test document reloads in under a second in the desktop, with a brief script that applies section access.  The QMC task however takes up to 40+ seconds to complete distribution.

      The destination document created in the D:\Publish folder is picking up changes in the section access settings, but the load script is still present.  From what has been explained and observed, a distribution copy will always remove the script.

      Is there some server setting that toggles script removal during distribution?  (or.. if not, is this task producing a "true" distribution copy?)

      Any guidance would be appreciated, thank you.