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    one small query.. one giant leap for my project.


      Morning all,

      I have completed around 90% of my first qlikview project.. I say "I" its been about 3 posts on here and lots of help from a colleague but non the less its at about 90%.

      I have one final task to do before it is ready for customer testing.

      My example data set might be...


      DateJobCallsAbnAbn %
      26 Feb 091781679%
      02 Mar 0922102713%
      04 Mar 093990333%
      11 Mar 094997222%
      16 Mar 095652315%
      16 Mar 096432286%

      What I would like to do is filter this data to only show me the highest abandoning job per week. For example in this table the highest job for W/C 01 Mar 09 is Job 2. For W/C 15 Mar 09 it is Job 5.

      I dont currently have a W/C field but if that would make it easier to calculate it can be added very easily.