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    Mashup in External Server with RequireJs [load require-config.js]

      Hello every body,


      I have few difficulties with RequireJs to embed a Qlik Sense Mashup in an web application.


      I'm using the 3.0 version of Qlik Sense, and  I've create a simple mashup to embed it in an dashboard page of a Java J2EE web app.

      So I followed the tutorials and I've implemented the code generated by the Mashup Editor in my web app.


      And here started my problems... My web app already include RequireJs (Version 2.20) with Bower, mainly for angular modules loading, so I use this version to configure and require the qlik files :




        baseUrl: 'https://[serverName]:443/resources'



      //Load Qlik files

      require(['js/qlik']) function(qlik) {




      But the qlik objet return by 'require(['js/qlik']) ' is undefined and I've got this error :

      GET https:[serverName]/resources/assets/general/require-config.js 404 (Not Found)


      I've try to include the requireJs file used by the Qlik server which much more bigger than the offical version available online, it seems to work fine for qlik modules but all the other modules  load crash.


      By curiosity I've try to include another version of requireJs (from a CDN) in the HTML page generated by the Mashupe creator and I've got the same error.


      Do you encounter same problems with mashup implementation and RequireJs ?

      Is it a known bug in Qlik Sense 3.0 or an error in my configuration.


      Thanks in adavance


      Best regards