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    Alternative color schemes in simple table - QlikSense

    Oriol Nebot

      Good morning to everyone,


      I need your help with something I have no clue if it's a bug or bad color expression (I'm currently using v2.2.4). I'd like to make a simple table more easy to "read" using alternative color schemes in every row, in other words: the first row would be light grey, the second white, the third light grey and so on.


      As you know in Qlik Sense we only have one input box to use as an "expression color" and I'm using this expression: if(odd(RowNo(TOTAL)),RGB(217,217,217),White())

      As you can see there is nothing strange with this expression, according to all the rows of the simple table, if it's odd use light grey and if it's not use white.


      After using this expression, I lose the option to filter every column as ASC or DESC when you click the top of the column, even if you see that the triangle that indicates the direction (asc or desc) changing on the column you clicked.


      Does anybody know how to fix it in v2.2.4? Is this fixed in v3.0?