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    Problems with the install matching the Tutorial


      Hi all

      I am a very new user so excuse me if this is a bit of a petty post.

      I have been trying to follow the tutorial with a demo install on my laptop and am having loads of problems. The interface just does not work as it is described in the tutorial and in fact has some very peculiar issues, drag and drop actions not working, seaches behaving very strangely, and property popups having two different sets of data and two different look and feel.

      I am guessing that the tutorial is right and there is a big problem with my installation.

      Does anyone havce any thoughts on this or ideas on where I might find some help.

      Thanks Neil Morgan

        • Problems with the install matching the Tutorial

          What tutorial are you using?

          It could be that the tutorial is for a different (older) version of QV than you have installed.


          Some properties might also look different because the Styling Mode under tab General in the Documents Settings is on Advanced, while the same setting is on Simplified in the other.

          • Problems with the install matching the Tutorial
            John Trigg


            I'd be glad to help you trouble shoot your installation and issues with the tutorial. You can send me a direct message thru the Community and let me know what your environment looks like and how and what you are trying to run the tutorial.


            John Trigg

            Product Manager - QlikView

              • Problems with the install matching the Tutorial

                I'm also having the identical problem to the op. No amount of uninstalling and re-installing is having any effect. When I create a new file it behaves perfectly.

                But i would really like to be able to follow the tutorial, which is utterly impossible at the moment.

                I'm using 9.0 SR2 although I have tried SR1 also.

                • Re: Problems with the install matching the Tutorial

                  Good morning John.



                  I'm obviously not the original poster, and it's now 2012, but I would like to pass something along I noticed.  Last week was the first time I visited this site, so it was, and still pretty much is, all new to me.



                  When I downloaded the free addition and then the tutorial (link underneath the first download), I installed QlikView 11 with no problems.  I then installed the reference manual and tutorial, or at least I thought I did.  This is what I found.  In the tutorial PDF, this is what it says.



                  "To go through the lessons in this tutorial, you need a number of sample files. They are located in a folder called Tutorial that can also be downloaded from the QlikView download page under Documentation. If you have already installed QlikView, a hyperlink on the Getting Started tab of the start page will bring you directly to the download page. As an alternative, the file package is available on under Services - Training - Free Training on the QlikView homepage.



                  Please install the file package to your computer. By default it is installed in C:\Program Files\QlikView\Tutorial. Of course you can install it to any other folder of your choice. Just be sure to remember where to find the files."



                  That doesn't happen.  No folder named "tutorial" is installed anywhere.  When I downloaded the file package under Services - Training - Free Training on the QlikView homepage, the file is actually a zip file containing the folder named "English".  When I extracted that file, renamed it to "tutorial" and then moved it under C:\Program Files\QlikView, everything is fine.



                  I think it might be helpful to either update the PDF, or update the executable to install "tutorial".