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    Qlikview Publisher The communication with QlikView Server failed (TimedOut)!

    André Costa

      I have several qvws being reloaded and distributed and one particular qvw fails to distribute somedays. Yesterday the distribution went well, today it failed with the error mentioned. The network was monitored and there were no fails.


      The error occurred is:



      Error      QVClient.ExecuteWithAttachments failed. Exception=System.Exception: The communication with QlikView Server failed (TimedOut)! ||    at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.GetMessageDataFromSocket(Byte[] buffer) ||    at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.GetMessageSizeFromSocket() ||    at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.SendAndReceive(Byte[] request) ||    at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.Execute(Byte[] request) ||    at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.ExecuteWithAttachments(String request, Byte[][] attachments) ||    at QVSWrapper.QlikViewServer.ExecuteWithAttachments(Action`2 i_Logger, String i_Command, Byte[][] i_Attachments)




      Thanks in advance.