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    Qlik Extension Not Importing

    Salamon Musayev



      We are using Qlik Sense 2.01 via Qlik Server and I am having an issue importing extension through the QMC.

      All of the extension that I am trying to import to Qlik Sense via Qlik QMC are getting


      "Failed to import extensions.  Please check the log file."


      I went over the following 2 threads




      And used their suggestions but still getting the error.  Even when I run the ext-check I get no issue with the files.


      C:\Users\user>ext-check "c:\bi-listbox_v2.zip"

      Checking file "c:\bi-listbox_v2.zip" ...


              5 files in 0 directories

              0 files might be not accepted by Qlik Sense server.

      Check result:

      Everything looks fine, go ahead.

      The error comes up with any file size, (even the simplest file as above.)

      C:\Users\smusaye>ext-check "c:\bi-listbox_v2.zip" -l

      Usage of different file extensions in "c:\bi-listbox_v2.zip":

              js                2 times used ( OK )

              css               2 times used ( OK )

              qext              1 times used ( OK )

      Everything looks fine!

      Please help if you have any suggestion.