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    Banding Aggregations within several ranges

    Michael King

      Hi All,


      I may be thinking about this entirely the wrong way, but I am trying to report total sales based on basket value bands. For example, for all orders below £10, we generated a total of £100, orders from £10-£20 we generated £500 etc.


      Currently, I have the following as a dimension:


      aggr(sum([Sales]), [Invoice]) //**To total line by line sales values against each invoice (ie total order value).


      Initially I was then attempting to band them as follows:


      sum({<[Sales]={">=0 <10"}>} [Sales])


      This however left me with 0. So I decided the best bet would be to try to create the bands within the dimension and simply use the following measure:




      However I cannot think how to create the bands. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards,