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    NPrinting Status OK Cache Generating Forever

      We are currently working to setup a POC using QlikSense and NPRinting. While we have QlikSense up and operational (using SAML) we are having a hard time getting NPrinting to connect to our QlikSense Server.


      NPrinting is in a domain, the QlikSense server is not. They are not using the same service accounts, the user I'm using in the connection  is an admin (I've tried both local admin and the qliksense service account that I had created), and I've tried a couple different apps all with the same result.


      In the engine log I only see errors from when I had previously tried to use a SAML account to make the connection, but outside of that the engine log looks clean. In the scheduler I see "User ID" with ERROR (seen below), but I'm not sure if that is related...


      Product Assembly NameProduct VersionClass NameTimestampSeverityHostnameUser nameUser IDWebEngine Request IDConnection IDTask IDExecution IDReport IDRequest IDTransformation IDMessageExceptionStacktrace
      Qlik.NPrinting.Repo17.1.0.0Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.SessionManager20160831T142803.664-04:00ERRORP1CBI-QLIKNP0100000000No row with the given identifier exists[Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Model.DataConnection#797cf0f8-5186-41a5-99db-637f18623180]


      Thanks for the help!