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    Why pop up this prompt in NPrinting

    isaac li

      Hi Experts,


      I am using Nprinting to send the qv excel report.


      I installed the Designer in On PC and installed the server on the other PC.


      When I set one schedule for one NPrinting file, the server pop ups this prompt, is it correct? I have attached that picture.


      Why I attached this picture, because I run into one issue:


      I have one schedule, it takes about 5 minutes to generate the report and send the report. However, sometimes, the schedule is running lots of hours and never stop, I have stopped the NPrinting service and stop it. And the log only shows the schedule starts and nothing else, do you guys have those cases?








      Isaac Li

        • Re: Why pop up this prompt in NPrinting
          Stephen Jasionowski

          Isaac - This is not an error, rather it shows that the product is working as intended:


          A Windows service called "Interactive Services Detection" notifies the user that a program window has been opened in an isolated session when the NPrinting engine service opens a QlikView Desktop instance to generate a report. This is not an error message. This message does not have any effect and it is just informing you that there is an interactive service running. You can safely ignore this or stop and disable this service using services.msc but this will stop all ISD messages not just the ones triggered by NPrinting. I would simply ignore it rather than disable it.