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    Is this possible?

      I want to create a dashboard with 4 perspectives

      i want these 4 perspectives all look the same, but my problem is when there is no or less data on a perspective the tabel looks different. Even when the size to data is disabled. I use a style pyjama blue.

      maybe there is another way?

      other question is it possible to use 'info load' in a straight table or a pivot table?

      I want to show a help text on my KPI's when the user clicks the i button.

      i attached a picture with the result i'm expecting (top) and the result from Qlikview (bottom), made in excel.

        • Is this possible?
          Peter Rieper

          You may define an empty textbox with the desired colour and in same size as the table. The table then should be made transparent and overlaying the textbox.
          Could not identify the bulb, however you can create a textbox with an icon, all transparent, no caption and create a help-text. Thus when hovering over this box a small yellow window should pop up.