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    Qlik Sense Server - Auto Data Reload/Refresh and Auto View Refresh

      Dear Friends,


      I am very new to Qlik Sense and this basic question is what I am struggling to get a clear answer about. Hope anyone here would help out.


      We have Qlik Sense Server v3.0 (I am assuming this as I was not able to check the version anywhere).

      We are connecting to Apache Hive to get our data. Apache hive gets streaming data and is live.


      Q1: To get the data live to our Qlik Sense apps/sheets - what can we do? The views and dashboards should auto refresh with streaming data. The users should not have to refresh or re-open the app/sheet again and again to view the new data.


      Q2. The reload task in Qlik Sense Server can only be scheduled to a minimum of 1 minute. Can we somehow reduce it to say 10 seconds?


      Please provide your thoughts.


      Thanks in Advance!