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    Problem loading data from Microsoft DWH

    Rocco Rocco


      I have a problem during the extraction from dwh.

      I noticed that if I load data and store them in local, in the qvd file some code, like 175, 0175 and 00175, are stored all like '175'.

      Cause I have write an automatic script for having a staging area 1:1 with DWH, there is a way for doing it without auto-traslation of data-type?



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          Marco Wedel

          Maybe using


          Text(field) as field


          in the load?





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            Rocco Rocco

            Thanks Marco for your reply.

            Maybe you could  have  reason but...it's not so now, sorry.

            You are not thinking in the automatic script.

            I need to staging 138 tables...do you think really the right way is writing 138 load instructions checking for each table what is the field I have to translate and what no?

            Well now seriously, the ONLY  working way is a preceding load on an extraction from DWH.

            I am writing a script with variables for checking from a list the fields I have to translate.  So the script check if the field is in the table or not, modifying loading script according to the situation.

            Someone have a better idea for this case,  please?

            Thanks to all