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    Export to PDF issues in 3.0.1

    Supriya R

      Hi Michael Tarallo ,


      I wanted to share, the issues i found when installed Qliksense 3.0 and after upgrading to 3.0.1 in my server


        1. Table object getting truncated after exporting to PDF, means only 6 rows are getting displayed in pdf, where my table contains 8 rows.

        2. Line charts are not getting resized after exporting to PDF.

        3. Sheet Objects are not fitting into Page, Extra Spaces are added  at bottom after exporting to PDF.


      So i found that there was 3.0.1, After installing it no change in issue, Issues remains same.


      Is There any workaround i can do to solve this issues or adding any extensions?. Any suggestion, reason  and Informations on this issues?


      2nd issue  image below and other issue as shown in attached image where Headers are not adjust in column etc