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    Accumlation of Expression not working straight table.


      I created a straight table with 1 dimension, Parent and 2 expressions: Weight and Cumulative Weight-with full accumulation(relative). This works correctly [:)]

      When I add a 2nd dimension, called Children (Parent and Children have a one to many relationship),the Cumulative Weight Full Accumulation doesn't work any more showing incorrect numbers.

      Can anyone kindly suggest what to do to get this to work correctly.





        • Accumlation of Expression not working straight table.
          Johan Idh

          Accumulation is performed over the last dimension, 1 series of change of value value in that dimension, ie where the value in Dim2 is the same as the previous row, accumulation is done, if it differs it restarts the accumulation. So putting parent as Dim2 and sorting by that dimension should give you accumulation over each parent.