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    Task Admin to be able to reload only specific tasks

      Hello everyone,


      Please let me know if this is not the correct section to post this question.


      I am trying to create a security rule for the QMC to limit users to view only reload tasks specific to the applications that they should be able to see/run.


      So far I have this rule:


      Name: TaskAdmin

      Resource Filter: ReloadTask_*,SchedulerService_*,QmcSection_Task, QmcSection_ReloadTask, QmcSection_Event, QmcSection_SchemaEvent, QmcSection_CompositeEvent

      Advanced Condition: ((user.roles="TaskAdmin" and resource.app.name="TestApp"))


      When I click Preview I can see user only has Read and Update access to that Reload Task however when the user logs in to QMC they cannot access any part of the QMC, not even the Task pane becomes available. Am I doing something wrong here?


      Thanks in advance,