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    Qlikview Beta Exams


      How can I obtain the code for free beta exams offer by Person Vue?

      Thank you.

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          Sarah Miller

          Hello Renato,


          Qlik does have resources you can use to help you prepare for your certification.


          Please visit the QlikView Certification page to review the Recommended Preparation Resources where you can access the practice questions.

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            Karen Origlio

            Hi Renato,


            The Qlik Sense Version 3 Beta exams are limited to ONLY 100 people, so I decided NOT to publish the promo codes in this forum. I cannot promise a seat will be available for the Beta exams, but you and the members of this community can email certification@qlik.com to request the code.


            Beta testing periods:

            Qlik Sense System Admin - v3  -- September 14 through September 22, 2016

            Qlik Sense Data Architect - v3 -- September 23 through October 3, 2016

            Qlik Sense Business Analyst - v3 -- October 17 through October 25, 2016


            The purpose of Beta testing is to gather statistics and comments on the items, so we can select the best ones for the operational exams, to be released in November/December. There are 135 items on the Beta exams, to be completed within 4 hours. After the operational forms are created, beta answers will be scored and participants will be notified by email if they pass or fail. This will occur in December.


            If you have used Qlik Sense Version 3 and are prepared to enter feedback and comments on the questions, then please request the code.



            Karen Origlio

            Certification Program Manager