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    Set Analysis with combined date and rank



      I'm trying to get a set analysis right (in QLIK Sense) to display the top candidates for today, yesterday etc.


      That works and displays the entries from today correctly:

      count( {$ <myDate= {"$(=date(today(1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"} > } myName)


      That works and displays my top 10:

      Count({<myName= {"=rank(count({<myCondition= {'A','B'}>}myName), 4)<= 10"}>} myName)


      However I'm tried in vain to get the top 10 of today's entries

      Count({<myName= {"=rank(count({$ <myDate= {"$(=date(today(1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"} > } myName), 4)<= 10"}>} myName)


      Can anyone help me please.Many thanks in advance.